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Our Programs

Medical Professional
Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants are a necessary staple in the healthcare arena.  They provide next level support to practitioners by collecting preliminary patient information, examining and treating patients, administering laboratory testing services, as well as administrative support functions.  

The Medical Assistant program at Buckhead School of Medicine prepares students for immense roles and responsibilities associated with being a medical assistant and functioning in this highly competitive and rewarding job market.  

If you foresee a rewarding future in the healthcare field, consider the Medical Assistant program at BSM.  Contact our Admissions Specialist for detailed information.  

The curriculum emphasizes clinical skills and includes extensive instruction in medical terminology, medical office procedures, and clinical procedures, basic anatomy and physiology, and special duties common in the field.

In addition to unique educational experiences that promote participatory engagement, Buckhead School of Medicine also offers:

  • Career Services

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Employer Resources

  • dChic Learning Environment

  • Fully Equipped Simulation Lab

  • Accelerated Medical Programs 

  • Unparalleled Teaching Methods

  • Experiential-Intensive Externships (240 Hours)

  • Buckhead School of Medicine Uniform

  • WE Have Upcoming CLASSES

  • Accelerated Program (Class is Online and in person for the less than a year)

    • In person class16 weeks on Saturday 10-2 pm

    • Online 2 days a week (times selected by the students)

  • Classes 2/3,3/16,8/3,10/26

  • 240 Hours of Clinicals

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